holdfast — n, v

(ˈhəʊldˌfɑːst)              1.             a stalked organ by which a seaweed or related plant is attached to a subtrate                                   /ˈhōldˌfast/                 2.             any device used to secure an object, such as an anchor, clamp, etc

holdfast is a “pop-up” restaurant operating out of kitchencru, a commissary kitchen and culinary incubator in nw portland.  holdfast is a refined dining concept - not refinement in the sense of luxury - just pared down to what we consider to be the essentials of a wonderful meal; great food and drink, with excellent and unobtrusive service in a casual atmosphere. this is our opportunity to cook and feed people outside of the trappings of a traditional restaurant.

clean.  thoughtful.  primitive.  modern.