holdfast — n, v

(ˈhəʊldˌfɑːst)              1.             a stalked organ by which a seaweed or related plant is attached to a subtrate                                   /ˈhōldˌfast/                 2.             any device used to secure an object, such as an anchor, clamp, etc

We have some exciting news updates for the month of January! Towards the end of the month, we will be moving our dinners out of KitchenCru - our home for almost a year and a half - to the front room of the Fausse Piste winery in industrial Southeast Portland. We are very excited to be taking over what is already a beautiful space, and think it will provide a number of interesting opportunities in the coming year. The Fausse Piste family have been our friends for a long time, and we're looking forward to seeing what unique situations we will have by operating out of the front room of a working winery. One of the reasons we have enjoyed KitchenCru so much is the unique dining experience it allowed. We are keeping things such as counter seating and multi-course paired menus that we feel are the true identities of Holdfast. We should even still have some bustling activity behind us, but we are trading in caramel corn production for wine fermentation. That said we also have some new ideas that we will be able to execute now that we have a little more control over our space.Our actual move date is still up in the air, so we will update you soon on when we will officially be calling Fausse Piste home.